About Us

Our History

Data Spice & Food Industries started its journey in 1975 and operated solely in the Middle East market, especially Saudi Arabia, until 2011 when the company decided to enter the domestic market. Within a few years of its inception, the company grew to become one of the leading spice & food industries globally. As time passed, the product range at Data increased from spices by adding ready mix recipes, rice, pickles, chutneys and sweet items.

Data is a world leader in quality rice, equipped with the most advanced rice plant from Germany. The plant, which is one of the few in Pakistan, has enabled Data Super Kernel Basmati Rice to become one of the top selling basmati rice in the world.

Data Spice & Food Industries is an ISO 9001 & HACCP certified leader in the quality food business. Our mission is to be a consumer oriented company with a keen insight of food products ensuring quality, consistency and an authentic taste, backed up with state of the art technology to obtain optimum results. We are building a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of our company. Quality is a state of mind at Data Spices & Food Industries.

Data Spice and Food Industries have been honored with "The Best Export Performance Award" from FPCCI every year since 1984, besides other national and international awards. Data has also been awarded the "The Best Export Brand of the Year Award" from FPCCI for the year 2009-2010.

Over the years, Data's production facilities have been set up locally and globally. Chronologically:


S.I.T.E Karachi-Pakistan Data Spice & Food Industries


Pure Food Ltd. Jebel Ali Free Zone-Dubai


Thar Roller Flour Mill Naukot Tharparkar District, Sindh-Pakistan


Data Spice & Food Industries Korangi Industrial Area-Karachi-Pakistan


Gul Mohammed Spice Factory Jeddah-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our Mission

Our aim is to offer food products that make your dishes tastier and reduce your cooking time with our ready-made range of recipe mixes, spices and world's best Basmati rice.

Our Vision

We have a dream...a dream that's nostalgic, personal, and unlocks your childhood memories connecting with your mother’s cooked food having an unforgettable taste bounding us all with our traditional values.

Our Secret

We’ve learnt this precious rule of business success that it always starts with YOU (the consumer) and your needs. And since its inception, Data Group studies your needs and aligns its production methods accordingly to produce something that fulfills your requirements for tasty food. In the quest of producing customer-oriented products, we incorporate technological advancement and our most advanced, German rice plant is the proof of our priority for perfection.

Chairman's Message

A positive atmosphere nurtures a positive attitude, which is required to take positive action.

Awards & Certificates

Data is the only company from Pakistan, to receive the best Export Performance Award for the 36th consecutive year by the FPCCI (Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry). Data marks its victory once again as It receives Business Man of the Year Gold Medal Award for the 4th time and The Best Export Performance Award for the 35th consecutive time at 44th FPCCI Awards at Aiwan e Sadr Islamabad. We acknowledge that success is achieved with consistency and we intend to continue leading the way in the future.